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Create a Library

To create a library the first step is to get in touch with us, we can offer you:


Videomaker Team

We can put our team at your disposal to make professional videos.

Scientific validation

Our scientific committee will be able to help you in the realization of the contents or in their scientific validation.

Publics or only for you

The videos can be public and accessible by all your colleagues, or dedicated to a group chosen by you with your name and logo.

You never be alone

You will have our assistance in the creation and validation of the videos, but not only:

We can also assist you in using the application, sharing it with your patients and colleagues.

Publish or dedicated to you

You can choose if the exercises we will do together will also be available for your colleagues, or if you prefer to have a space in Medicapp dedicated only to you!

Your space will be visible:

– Only you and your patients
– To you and a group of colleagues chosen by you
– To all those who use Medicapp

As you can imagine, the exercises visible to all must be approved by our scientific committee, but if you choose to collaborate with us to share your ideas, the whole validation and implementation process will be free!

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